Brazilian conception
  meets European perfection.

We're all about quality timbers, precise construction, and perfect functionality. Our beach bats feature small but important details you won't find anywhere else - an incomparably soft overgrip, perfectly rounded edges & different balls for different levels.

two46 - Premium Quality at radically fair prices

100% Natural

The origin of the perfection of our beach bats lies in the choice of the right raw material. Wood is more natural and beautiful than carbon or fibreglass. Our combination of bass wood and black walnut gives you the perfect mix of maximum stability and optimal weight. The wood of your rackets has matured over decades. Each racket is unique. No racket will be like another. And they all have an inimitable look.

Eco-friendly varnish

The last step in the production process is the sealing of the rackets with an ecological varnish. The appearance pretties up and protection against water is guaranteed. Nevertheless, the beach bats should not come into contact with water for a longer period of time. Wooden product absorb water which leads to lower stability and durability.

Handmade Racket

For us, handwork means that every racket is special. The wood is cut and sanded off from its original shape. The different layers are sticked with superglue. Perfectly rounded edges make the two46 rackets stand out from the standard rackets on the market. For a special look, each racket is sealed with an ecological varnish. The varnish must dry naturally for several weeks before your racket is ready to use.

Softest Handle.

The handle of cheap bats is just annoying. This is why we decided to make it just better. Our overgrip has two different layers. The grippy polyurethan-based coat upper is underlaid with a soft foam layer. With this compound, you can play for hours.


The shape is hastate towards the end of the racket. This construction type reduces weight and enhances game performance.

We combine strongest wood cuts for the best performance

Bass wood

Light & durable timber.

Black walnut

Solid & resistent timber.

Style, Strength, Stability

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Frescobol has been a popular sport in Brazil and Israel for decades. In Europe, the previous selling price of approximately 200 € exceeds the willingness to pay of many athletes. two46 has succeeded in bringing a frescobol set onto the market which, at a significantly lower price, outperforms the characteristics of the latest quality leaders. two46 offers a stable wood combination, the most comfortable handle and a multi-faceted game with two different balls.